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We are going to see a sharp drop as we progress through the afternoon, then freezing rain and sleet are on the way.

There’s always a price to pay when we get these brief breaks from winter.

Today’s Kill a Half Hour question is all about fear: 25% of people say this is their biggest fear. Your clues are: ‘mobile’ and ‘power’ Answer: dead phone battery.

Congrats to Adam in Dyer, Indiana for getting the answer! A new ice cream shop will open in Lakeview on Friday, and this one is extra cool!

Here are todays questions followed by the answers so you can play along: 1. Syfy has released a trailer for their new TV series ‘Krypton’ which will premiere on March 21st. What’s the title of the recently released Star Wars movie? The White House announced this week that President Trump’s workday is from 11am to 6pm on most days.

Justin Bieber’s hometown of Stratford, Ontario is honoring him with a museum exhibit titled ‘Steps to Stardom’. What’s the name of the 80’s movie starring Dolly Parton where three women try to get revenge on their egotistical, lying boss? The Amazing Race continues tonight on CBS with the teams departing Reykjavík for Leg 2. MAPLE SUPERMAN THE LAST JEDI 9 TO 5 ICELAND Think you can beat Jen? Koz needs new headphones, but he needs to get them before they really break for good because he will NEVER borrow them from anyone.

Julia’s school only gives them 15 minutes to eat lunch. Relatively speaking, compared to the last few weeks.

Elizabeth, like many kids, is not allowed to bring in food to parties. Jen wore her ‘other coat’, the one that’s not heavy and didn’t even need to be zipped.

They have 6 flavors, including ‘the happy camper’ (chocolate ice cream, graham crackers, marshmallow, and a caramel syringe).Yep – put your pee on the page, and if you’re pregnant a code for 50% a crib will be revealed.Koz thinks this is genius, and Jen has simply buried her head in uncertainty.Things sure have changed quite a bit since we were kids! Mike from Buffalo Grove called to give us his real-time weather experience. Kos’s son Austin commented that it was a good day to take the Christmas lights down from outside the house, so he took the moment to teach.He said on his commute from NBC Tower to Buffalo Grove, the temp went from 57-38! Well, we knew it was going to happen, it’s just crazy to experience it like that. Now let’s see if Austin gets the ladder after school and removes the lights before Koz gets home.

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