Is distinct dating a scam

I ask them how did they get my personal info because I never applied for a loan and some will just hang up when I ask that or some will start yelling at me so I hang up and block their numbers.This is really getting on my nerves and i really wish the government would do something about this problem because I refuse to change my number I have had for years just to stop getting these calls.

I reported them to the FTC and my local FBI office. Thank you very much and have a great day." This phone number goes to a company in Atlanta, some kind of product.

Thanks to him I have had to change my social security number, my driver's license, and my bank account. I searched the number and was able to narrow it to a land line in White Plains, NY. They were very familiar and told me if he continued to have my local police forward information to them. I didn't take it cause I was at work but in the message they left they stated they were Officer Shana (last name was not understandable) with the Federal Crime Investigation Dept and that this was an urgent matter.

), and I returned the call as soon as I got her message.

I asked him why didn't I receive a letter before I got a call and he asked if I had a lawyer and I said yes and he then stated that I need to contact him and let him know that I will be arrested tomorrow at my home for back taxes so I called my husband told him what was going on even though I knew it was a scam so my husband told me to call them back to see how much they say I owe "supposedly" so I called them back and I started asking questions and he started yelling at me and talking over me so I started yelling back at him and told him I know they are scammers because if they was the IRS they would not be in a call centers and two I would get a letter from the IRS and all the while I'm telling him that he is continuing to yell at me then he hangs up.

I also get at least 10 calls a day from "Cash Net USA" as well as other loan companies saying I have been approved for a loan they too are all foreigners in a call center.

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