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If you’re a guy, what do you think of being approached?

This is a question that has been posed to my husband and me many times.

Again, this might seem simplistic in considering this to be an issue.

But you would be shocked at the amount of marriages that end up in divorce because one partner assumed the other would be faithful after marrying. Flirting with others continued (or began) when one partner was bored with or became unhappy with the other.

As one divorcee shared with me, ‘We got along so well together.

We had such a fun time dating that it seemed like love.’ It is not unusual for a couple to think that since they enjoy each other’s company so much, they must be in love.

But please know that I’m not trying to insult your intelligence by insinuating that you might not be “grown up” or mature enough, for marriage.

I just want you to pause and consider if you are truly ready to marry this person or at this point in your life. It’s just a reality check that’s important to consider.

Do you ever make the first move with men or do you always allow them to first?Getting the guy Sometimes the man you approach doesn’t reciprocate your interest.But many times you end up getting exactly what you want — the guy, and before anyone else does.Before sharing them with you, however, please note that marriage is for “grown ups.” That might seem like a simplistic statement.You might think your intelligence is being insulted by saying such a thing.

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