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Or drive outside the city to visit that food truck you’ve had your eye on. No need to worry about bigger bills or other people’s food allergies. It’s a question that’s asked a helluva lot, and has been debated since the dawn of time (not really but just go with it.) There’s been movies dedicated to finding the answer, and almost every TV show touches upon it, with a “will they won’t they” storyline forever present between seemingly good friends.In TV shows and movies writers will always touch upon the whole “will they-won’t they” side of friendships and relationships.These characters only end up together purely because that’s what the fans would want.

You can also easily find the time to volunteer, join a ministry, go on a mission trip, or start a Bible study in your home (or host one). Then you can start enjoying higher-end restaurants because you’re only paying for yourself. Self rewards Basically hogging all the chocolate to myself 🙂 Rewards are great motivation for people to do something.

Some women have said that guys will see you the way that you behave around them.

So, what that means is, if you see and treat a guy as a friend, then he’ll only ever see you as a friend, but if you treat him as something more, then he’ll follow suite.

Harry and Hermione is the best example that comes to mind.

They have that perfect friendship, where they’d go to the ends of the earth for each other, but in a completely “hey man this is so totally platonic” way.

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