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Downloadable files () are in PDF (unless otherwise indicated): in cases of voluminous PDFs – 30 to 120 Mb, we provide a JPG preview (). Of course, we still print affordable geologic maps and reports as needed.

And for our newer digital geologic maps, we now market digital data for the geoscience-GIS professional, look for in the listing below. Call 520.770.3500 or Email gov | CR- 01-B Mineral Potential of Eastern Pima County, Arizona. (2.3MB) CR-09-B Limestone Discovery in the Mc Dowell Sonoran Preserve.

In addition to CAP configurations, another significant way data management systems vary is by the data model they use: relational, key-value, column-oriented, or document-oriented (there are others, but these are the main ones).

Now for the particulars of each CAP configuration and the systems that use each configuration: Consistent, Available (CA) Systems have trouble with partitions and typically deal with it with replication.

55: Geologic Map of the Fortuna 7.5' Quadrangle, Yuma County Arizona, T.

CR-11-D Suggested Guidelines for Investigating Land Subsidence and Earth Fissure Hazards in Arizona, 2011, Arizona Land Subsidence Interest Group.

There are so many No SQL systems these days that it's hard to get a quick overview of the major trade-offs involved when evaluating relational and non-relational systems in non-single-server environments.

(3MB) DM-DF-1: Mapping of Holocene River Alluvium Along the San Pedro River, Aravaipa Creek, and Babocomari River, Southeastern Arizona, J. CR-10-E Preliminary Geologic Survey of the Lost Dog Overlook Vicinity by Daniel G. (21.1MB) CR-10-D Geothermal Resource Evaluation Program of the Eastern San Francisco Volcanic Field, Arizona, by Morgan, P., Sass, John H., and Duffield, W., 2010, 69 pages, Free online at Without further ado, here's what you came here for (and further explanation after the visual).Note: RDBMSs (My SQL, Postgres, etc) are only featured here for comparison purposes.

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