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The terrorist group is known to have captured and sexually abused at least 63 women in Libya so far, while many more have been sexually abused by smugglers or forced into prostitution.

The research concluded that the link between sexual violence, trafficking and terrorism is underexplored, calling for the British Government to create an international legal taskforce to work with NGOs, charities, and embassies on the ground to better track the overlap.

The main hotspots include Libya, where Isis is among countless armed groups kidnapping, ransoming and forcing migrants into labour, with many later fleeing over the Mediterranean to Europe.

Niger and Nigeria are also key trafficking hubs, while in the Middle East Isis’ territories in Syria and Iraq are major hotspots.

Isis openly advertised the atrocity as part of its attempts to subjugate the minority, seeing the group issue fatwas and propaganda statements seeking to legitimise their enslavement.Japan and Bangladesh are each estimated to have executed 33 and 28 individuals respectively in the five years to 2012.Despite more countries abolishing the death penalty, its practice remains commonplace.After the execution of Kim Jong-un's uncle, the brutality of North Korea's regime has once again come under the international spotlight. Find out who uses the death penalty today - and see how it compares to 2007 • Get the data • North Korea executes Kim Jong-un's uncle as traitor Once a key figure in the North Korean regime, Jang Song-thaek, the uncle of supreme leader Kim Jong-un, has been executed according to an announcement from state media.The former protector of the country's elite joins 105 other individuals to have been executed between 20 according to Amnesty International figures.

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