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Her boyfriend proposed marriage after graduation, but she declined.That same year, Clinton began working at the Yale Child Study Center.Our first trip abroad was to Bayreuth to see 'Wagner's Ring.'" At age 20, Branson opened his first record shop, then a studio at 22, and launched the label at 23. Those early years were tough, he told Entrepreneur: "I remember them vividly.It's far more difficult being a small-business owner starting a business than it is for me with thousands of people working for us and 400 companies.

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Our second date was to see 'The Mastersingers' at Covent Garden.

Building a business from scratch is 24 hours, 7 days a week, divorces.

It's difficult to hold your family life together; it's bloody hard work and only one word really matters — and that's surviving." Blankfein didn't take the typical route to finance. He got his law degree from Harvard at age 24, then took a job as an associate at law firm Donovan Leisure.

Her first scholarly article, "Children Under the Law," was published in the Harvard Educational Review in late 1973, when she was 25.

After moving to Arkansas in 1975, Clinton agreed to marry Bill.

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