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It was classic Mc Lain: charming, cocky, arrogant, reckless.

This notion had been applied growing up in Chicago, and would stay with him all the way to the major leagues.Betty quickly remarried, and Denny began doing whatever he pleased.Mc Lain attended Catholic schools, first at Ascension Grade School, then receiving a baseball scholarship to attend Chicago’s Mount Carmel High School.After just two games, with a 0.00 ERA and 32 strikeouts, Mc Lain was deemed to have mastered the Appalachian League, and was promoted to the Clinton, Iowa, C-Sox in the Class D Midwest League.The Midwest hitters weren’t as overmatched by a pitcher who threw almost all fastballs, and Denny had to settle for a 4-7 record, but with 93 strikeouts in 91 innings.

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