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All legal systems recognize the right of a living individual to protect himself from danger to his own life and, for that purpose, to use necessary force even to the extend of causing the death of the person creating the danger.The law most undoubtedly authorizes the man who is under reasonable apprehension that his life is in danger or his body in risk of grievous hurt to inflict death upon his assailant even when the assault is attempted or directly threatened by the apprehension must be reasonable and the violence inflicted must not be greater than is reasonably necessary for the purpose of self defence.Such condemnation could only be on the basis that there is some kind of life deserving protection. The Mother: Abortion raises a variety of moral, legal, social and medical questions.If the pregnant women finds it necessary to terminate her pregnancy, does she have the right and upto what moment and on what conditions?For instance, it may be either, (i) natural; (ii) accidental; (iii) spontaneous; (iv) artificial or induced abortion.

Reliance on the doctrine of self-defence is nothing new to the law.

In this case the continuation of the existence of the foetus is looked upon as dangerous to the life of the mother.

The balancing of one life against another life in such circumstances may be understood by some stretch of reasoning.

Induced abortions is denied in law as an untimely delivery voluntarily procured with intent to destroy the foetus.

It may be procured at any time before the natural birth of the child. 'When does life begin' is a key question to be addressed in the matter of abortion.

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